Ways You Can Work Remotely…And Make Good Money!

In today’s day and age, it’s hard to come across someone who doesn’t have at least some kind of experience of working remotely. Especially post-Covid. 

Although many corporations and businesses have returned to the office, there’s been a rise of employees who got a taste of the good life working remotely…and they sure as heck don’t want to get back on that office grind. 

Luckily, there’s no shortage of remote work opportunities to choose from thanks to the internet. And today, we’re going to cover the top picks of ways you can work remotely…and actually make good money!

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Ways You Can Work Remotely…And Make Good Money

Working remotely is ideal for most people, because that means that as long as you’re getting your job done- you can be wherever, whenever. What’s not to love about that?

The truth is, it’s vital that you have a strong sense of time management when you’re working remotely. You can learn more about my top tips for managing your time in this post HERE

And, you need to make sure you have a strong work ethic. Acquiring strategies like batching and habit stacking can really help to maximize your work ethic, too.

Today’s post will cover my top picks for ways you can work remotely for all sorts of interests, skills, and job options. There’s truly something from everyone. 

Take your pick!


Considering the fact that this is a blog, I feel like I have to put blogging first. And for everyone who tries to claim that blogging is dead…it’s not. Trust me. 

It’s important to remember that it takes a lot of hard work, long hours, and dedication in order to grow and monetize a blog. But it’s definitely possible! You just have to make sure you’re plugging away on it every single day. Even if you still have a full time job.


Perhaps you love writing, but the thought of growing your own blog and running your own website doesn’t sound too appealing. Well, copywriting would be a great option for you then!

Copywriting is needed now more than ever, because of the amount of content that all brands, businesses, and individuals are producing. You can copyright for blogs, social media, newsletters, or websites. 


Since we’re on a theme of writing, I have to throw editing into the mix. This one is for my fellow grammar police nerds out there (trust me, I’m right there with you…I was an English major). 

Becoming an editor is also great for people who love to read as much as they love to write. And, similarly to copywriting, you can edit for all sorts of platforms. It doesn’t just have to be traditional book editing like you might be confined to pre-internet. 

Software Engineer

Alright, calling all techies! Let me assure you that this certainly isn’t my skill set, but honestly I wish it was sometimes, because of the amount of money I’ve spent on support in this area. Trust me when I say this is a lucrative option for working remotely. 

However, you have to make sure that you’re okay staring at a screen most of the day. And that’s it’s more of an isolated job, rather than social. Also, think about ways you can stand out in the crowd.

Website Designer

Website design must be one of the most sought out positions on this list. Everyone and their mom has a website nowadays, and most people don’t have the first clue in how to build one themselves. 

Don’t forget that you can specialize in building websites through super user friendly platforms like Squarespace or Wix, rather than needing to know how to code on platforms like WordPress. 

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Virtual Assistant 

Becoming a VA is typically a pretty cruisy position that allows you both flexibility and freedom, without needing a ton of refined skills just yet.

If I were you, I’d try to land a virtual assistant role where you have the opportunity to grow within the business. Or, where you know you’ll acquire more refined skills that can help to increase your pay for future jobs.

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is all the rage, and there’s certainly an array of options to choose from. Whether you bust out and start your own agency, or you get hired with someone else’s, this is a great avenue to pursue. 

If you have any desire to be an entrepreneur, digital marketing can also teach you a lot on how to grow your own brand, as well. 

Social Media Management

Trust me when I say that running social media accounts is a full time job. Especially when your goal is to grow your audience, and leverage your social media for sales. 

If you’re someone who has a real knack for content creation, but you’re not as crazy about putting yourself out there to grow your own personal brand, then social media management might just be the perfect remote job for you.

SEO Specialist

Learning about SEO can truly change the trajectory of your business. Take this from someone who relied almost solely on my social media for my income until I learned about SEO. 

Pursuing a remote position within an SEO agency (or even starting your own) is perfect for those of you who enjoy strategy and advising. This is definitely an industry that will be needed forever.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is something that can really elevate someone’s business from good to great. If you’re interested in email marketing, make sure that you have a knack for branding, writing, and messaging. Plus a strong sense of marketing strategy. 

Like SEO and digital marketing, you can start your own online agency, or work on getting a position within an existing agency.

Graphic Designer

Some people argue that Canva has taken away from people needing graphic designers anymore, but I disagree. Sure, graphic designers might need to shift the way they pitch themselves now, but the truth is that a graphic designer can definitely make something way better than I can…even if it’s on Canva. 

We live in such a visual world now, due to social media, which means that graphic designers are needed now more than ever. And thanks to tools like Canva, you don’t have to have formal graphic design training in order to create really beautiful work. 


Okay, for all my center stage people, it’s your time to shine. Rather than working on building other people’s businesses and brands, you can start to build your own if you start on the influencing path.

As someone who has been in the influencer world for almost a decade, I have to say that it’s not necessarily as “easy” as everyone thinks. There’s a lot more to it than just posting cute outfits, or taking selfies and then making a million dollars. 

Learn more about how to land a brand deal HERE

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Vlogging is another avenue for the performers and creators of the world who don’t want to be behind the scenes, but front and center, instead. 

Make sure that you’re comfortable in front of the camera, or at least learn how to be. Also, don’t forget that you need to have a knack for storytelling. You need to have a WHY in order to stand out, otherwise you’re just some other person on the internet filming themselves. 

Ways You Can Work Remotely And Make Good Money!

There you have it, my friends, you have a long list of remote jobs to choose from. 

Which one is your favorite and why? 

Share in the comments below!



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