What It’s Like Eating Plant Based on a Surf or Yoga Retreat In Northern Nicaragua: How We Fuel Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Can I just start off by saying that if you’re nervous about a whole week of eating plant based, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! So many people who come here are NOT plant based, and so many of them are a little apprehensive about what the food will be like during their stay.  We get it. You might think we’re going to serve you a sad, wilted piece of lettuce with a tomato on top after a big morning surf or yoga practice, and be like, “enjoy being vegan!”

The good news is that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here at SSE, we strive to nourish you from the inside, out. And nourishment means SATIATION, not deprivation. Sure, this way of eating might be different than your norm. And that’s okay! Different just means you have a chance to open your mind to a new way of doing things, even if it’s only temporary. 

Our promise to you is that you is that both your belly and your heart will be full while you’re stay with us. 

Meal Schedule

6 am or 7 am: light morning snack

9 am: brekkie

1 pm: lunch

4 pm: light afternoon snack

6 pm or 7 pm: dinner

Snacks are always set out to be self served, and the timing will vary slightly depending on your specific itinerary. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are plated meals eaten together as a group (unless otherwise requested). Typically even within plated meals, there’s family style bowls with fruit, salad, rice, or home baked bread.

How We Make a Menu

There are many things we take into consideration when creating a menu for surf and yoga retreats, but these three things tend to be the most pressing. 

The first thing we look at is the amount of activity you’re doing, and when you’re doing it. The second consideration is the theme of the retreat, and how we can compliment that theme with food. And the third component is to be mindful of repetition, by providing a variety of diverse flavors and concepts. 

Above all else, every group is so different. So, it’s important to watch their needs, and their preferences in real time to modify accordingly. 

Surf Retreats

Surfing requires A LOT of energy. If you’ve never surfed before, prepare to be absolutely ravenous after your first morning session. Because of this, we like to provide really hearty breakfasts in particular, as this is the meal directly following the surf. 

In general, our surf retreats have denser meals than yoga only retreats.

Yoga Retreats

Look, I’m definitely not one of those people who thinks yoga is “just stretching.” I completely understand that a vigorous practice (especially in this heat), also requires a ton of energy. Meaning, we in no ways deprive our yogis compared to our surfers. 

The taste preference does just seem to vary slightly between surf and yoga clientele, so we adjust according to that. Yoga retreats tend to eat heavy to light, with hearty breakfasts and lunches, and a light dinner. 

Example Menu From a Surf and Yoga Retreat

Day 1 (arrival, only dinner)

  • 6 pm: Kitchari with chapati and family style green salad 

Day 2 (morning surf and midday yoga)

  • 6 am: tropical fruits and GF Banana Bread

  • 9 am: Shakshuka with homemade sourdough \

  • 1 pm: Soul Bowl with lentils, quinoa, farm fresh veggies, and tahini dressing

  • 6 pm: Carrot Ginger Soup with rice and green salad

Day 3 (morning surf and midday yoga)

  • 6 am: tropical fruits and GF Tahini Bread

  • 9 am: Chickpea Omelette loaded with cooked veggies

  • 1 pm: Taco Bar complete with homemade salsas, guac, and all the fixings

  • 6 pm: Minestrone soup with home baked sourdough

Day 4 (morning yoga and volcano hike)

  • 6 am: tropical fruits and self serve Chia Pudding

  • 9 am: Nica Plate complete with gallo pinto, home grown plantains, and veggies

  • 1 pm: (Packed lunch for excursion) Falafel wrap with homemade pita bread

  • 6 pm: Pho with Summer Rolls

Day 5 (morning surf and midday yoga)

  • 6 am: tropical fruits and self serve Overnight Oats

  • 9 am: Toast Bar stacked with homemade nut butters, hummus, veggies, and fruits

  • 1 pm: Pad Thai and Green Papaya Salad

  • 6 pm: Dhal with spiced rice and green salad

Day 6 (morning surf and midday yoga)

  • 6 am: tropical fruits and homemade Granola bites

  • 9 am: Savory Pancakes with curried lentil flour and Indian style veggies

  • 1 pm: Zoodles with Lentil Meatballs and green salad

  • 6 pm: Pumpkin Coconut Soup with rice and green salad

Day 7: (morning surf and midday yoga)

  • 6 am: tropical fruits and Brekkie Cookies

  • 9 am: Banana Pancakes with nut butter and loads of farm fresh fruit

  • 1 pm: Nasi Goreng loaded veggies and chickpea flour “egg” strips, served with Sushi

  • 6 pm: Pesto Flatbread complete with almond ricotta and veggies, served with Tomato Basil Soup

Day 8 (check out, no activities)

  • 9 am: Pitaya Smoothie bowls

Alright, if your mouth isn’t already watering, then I’m not sure you read the above correctly. I don’t know about you, but my stomach is certainly growling at this point. 

Come visit us, and we’ll spoil you with rainbow colored meals until your belly and your heart are bursting. 

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