What To Know For Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment

What To Know For Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment

I’ve been getting Clear and Brilliant laser treatments for two years now. And in those two years, I’ve had 10 treatments. So, while that doesn’t make me an expert, you can say I’m pretty well versed in what to expect, what to ask for, and all the little tips and tricks to maximize your experience. 

First things first, if you want to read more about my skin healing journey then check out my full post where I outline how I treated hypo and hyper pigmentation, acne, redness, and so much more. Spoiler alert: Clear and Brilliant is one of the reasons my skin changed so drastically. While this laser isn’t the only reason my skin has had a major glow up, it’s something that has certainly helped to expedite the process. 

This post will outline who’s a good candidate for the Clear and Brilliant laser treatment based on my own experience, and advice from my doctors. It will also share 5 tips for before, during, and after your first Clear and Brilliant to ensure you get the maximum benefits.

What To Know For Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment

What To Know For Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment

Who’s a Good Candidate for Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment

Clear and Brilliant is the first and only laser I’ve ever done. I’m not saying it’ll stay that way forever, and I won’t ever try another laser on my face- but for now, it feels like the best choice based on my lifestyle and skin type. 

Make sure to check in with your dermatologist to determine if you’re a good fit for this treatment, rather than listening to me (some random girl on the Internet) about it. I strongly suggest checking in with your dermatologist first, rather than only seeing an aesthetician for the treatment. Let’s be honest, this shit isn’t cheap. And you don’t want to waste your money or time on something that’s not actually suited for you.

Heat Causes Hyperpigmentation

If you’re someone who has hyperpigmentation, you probably already know that heat can exacerbate the dark areas on your face. This is why lasers can be controversial for those with hyperpigmentation, because something they actually make the dark areas worse. We don’t want that. 

Clear and Brilliant is one of the most, if not the most, gentle laser out there. So, the chances of the treatment making your dark spots worse drastically decreases. Again, talk to your own doctor first to confirm based on your skin needs and type. 

Good For Sensitive Skin

Raise your hand if you’re a sensitive skin girlie out there. You can’t see me, but my hand is in the air right now, too. One of the most frustrating parts of my skin journey is that the highly recommended treatments tend to be a bit aggressive. And that aggression makes my skin worse, rather than better. 

Don’t get me wrong, Clear and Brilliant is still a freaking laser, and it’s still a little uncomfy while it’s being performed- but it’s also a great option for those with more sensitive skin looking to improve fine lines, discoloration, and resurfacing of the skin without a strong laser or peel. 

Minimal Downtime

One of my favorite things about the Clear and Brilliant laser is that it has minimal downtime. I go outside every day. Yes, I wear a hat and sunscreen, but still- I’m an outdoor girlie. And I don’t want to be confined indoors, out of the sun forever. I just don’t. Plus, I live in very sunny places, so I don’t really have the option for longer downtime in winter like some of you may have. 

So, for my fellow active outdoorsy chicks who want to improve your skin texture and appearance, but don’t want to be trapped inside for days (or weeks!) on end- this is the laser treatment for you. Yes, you’ll walk out of the office looking like a cherry tomato with a stringing face, but as long as you’re covered up with SPF and a hat- you’re good to go on a sunset walk that very afternoon.

The healing process is pretty simple for this treatment.

Like I said, tomato face leaving the office. The redness will fade to a pink color within an hour or two, and stay pinkish for the day. The following day typically you look exactly the same, sometimes you still have a bit of pink in some areas. 

Over the course of one week, your skin will become coarse (like sandpaper), but will usually look the same. Some people experience darkening in that first week, while others don’t. Make sure you’re using Sente Dermal Repair to maximize healing. Once the coarseness of the skin fades, the skin is fully resurfaced, bright and smoother. 

Even though your skin feels different in that week of healing, it usually doesn’t look very different unless you have on thicker makeup. In this case, I’d get this treatment 7 – 10 days prior to a big event, rather than right before. What’s better is that in this week of healing you can still be outside, work out, and basically just live your damn life without needing to modify. We love that. 

5 Tips Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment

After having received 10 Clear and Brilliant laser treatments, I’ve acquired a few tips and tricks to share with you before you book your next appointment. This treatment costs a few hundred dollars. It’s not cheap! So it’s important that you’re able to maximize your experience with before, during, and aftercare.

Bundle Pricing

Most places will offer bundle pricing for Clear and Brilliant treatments. If they don’t, I highly suggest calling around and seeing where else might have bundles available. Even though the bundle pricing is expensive upfront, most of the time it also means that you can save several hundred dollars, rather than buying them one at a time.

Loading Dose

Part of the reason the bundle pricing is important is that you’ll see maximum benefits from doing 3 back-to-back treatments over the course of 3 months. This is most helpful for those, like myself, who have more serious skin damage. If you have decent skin, and just want a little boost now and again, then you likely won’t need this kind of intense loading dose. 

Cooling skin


When you actually go into the treatment, ask them if they have a fan you can put on your face while they laser you. This helps to take away from the spiciness of the laser, because yes, even with numbing it still stings. After you’re done, ask them for an ice pack to reduce the heat. I’d also suggest getting an ice roller for aftercare at home. This also helps to reduce inflammation. 

Sun Protection

After the laser, your practitioner usually puts product on your face. Ask them if they apply SPF after. And if they don’t then make sure you’ve brought your own to put on for the drive home. I’d also make sure you have a hat or a visor in your car, because you don’t want your fresh baby skin blasted by sunlight. Trust me. 


If you’re not doing regular skincare, then any big treatment you do isn’t really going to last. Yes, Clear and Brilliant can be great maintenance for your skin, but to see the impact long term you need to keep up with a solid skincare routine. Directly after the treatment, you need to avoid exfoliants, retinols, and hydroquinone for a week. 

This means you need to have a good cleanser, a good Vitamin C serum, and a good moisturizer. The links provided are the products I use every day, with or without the Clear and Brilliant treatment. Most importantly, you need to apply SPF regularly throughout the day. 

You’re all set for your first Clear and Brilliant laser treatment! I’m so excited to see the results. You’re going to love it. I just know it. 



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