Why Entrepreneurs Need Strong Boundaries

Being an entrepreneur is no joke. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of entrepreneurs talk about how they work 24/7, and there’s hardly any separation between their personal life and their work. 

I get it. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade now, and I certainly used to be that way, too. 

But then I got burnt out. Like super burnt out to the point I’d get really sick (even hospitalized) every year. While there were a variety of factors that caused my sicknesses….let’s be real, that’s another story for another day….I knew that I also needed a change in my work life, as well.

Implementing boundaries as an entrepreneur is imperative for both sustainability and growth within yourself and your business. But that doesn’t always mean that setting new boundaries are easy. 

This is where I come in!

I’m here today to share with you why entrepreneurs need boundaries so that you can come join me on the self-caring, balanced side of the internet where we take care of ourselves and crush it at work. 

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be an either/or kind of situation, where you can only take care of yourself if you work less. Or that you can only succeed if you sacrifice self care. 

Doing both is possible. It might just take a bit of adjusting along the way.

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Why Entrepreneurs Need Strong Boundaries

Why Entrepreneurs Need Strong Boundaries

Here’s the thing about boundaries: they really need to be consistent and firm. There’s not some loosey goosey line in the sand that can easily get washed away anytime the tide changes. 

Nope. Instead, think of boundaries as a more fortified wall that would take a lot of force to change. 

Sure, boundaries can be flexible, because….life happens, ya know? And relationships can be tricky in the sense that they’re simply not black or white. There’s a whole lot of gray zones to navigate. 

And that’s what boundaries are for!

Remember, you can implement strong boundaries around time, relationships, and patterns in both your personal and work life in order to find more success as an entrepreneur. 

Separate Work And Personal Life

First things first, you’ll want to create a boundary between your work and personal life so that there’s a clear distinction between the two. 

Trust me when I say I know how tough this can be when you work with family or friends. I mean, hello, I started a business with my wife. I’ve also hired my friends for plenty of teaching opportunities, as well. 

While it’s rewarding, and even fun, to work with your loved ones- it’s also vital that you have separation between your work relationships and your personal relationships.  

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Why Entrepreneurs Need Strong Boundaries

Reduces Chances Of Burn Out

Next up, you need to implement strong boundaries so that you can reduce the chance of burn out. Take it from me…you don’t want to get burnt out, okay?

Burn out can show up in all different ways: physical, mental, and emotional. Or maybe even a combination of all three. 

Having strong boundaries will reduce your chances of getting burnt out, because you have parameters around your working hours, screen time, and general timelines. 

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Creates More Success For Your Business

You’ll definitely want to start creating strong boundaries for yourself as an entrepreneur when it comes to creating more success for your business. That’s the thing that’s driving, isn’t it?

I remember one time I was laying in a hospital bed, and I was trying to work from my phone, but the service was pretty poor. I was still really sick, and it was hard to stare at the screen for long periods of time, but I felt like I had to get this done now

My mom was there, and she said: “You need to rest. Otherwise you’re just going to get more sick, and be out of work even longer. If what you want to do is help these people, then you need to be healthy in order to do so.”

It really struck a chord with me, because I realized that I was breaking my back trying to get everything done in a day, because I thought productivity made me successful. But the truth was, it was actually hurting my business, because it landed me in the hospital monthly. 

Make sure to take time to fill your cup, to take care of yourself, and to stay on top of your health in order to find the most success in your business. 

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Improves Your Personal Relationships

Here’s the thing, when you implement boundaries at work, you’ll also see your personal relationships improve. Don’t believe me? Just try for yourself, and see what happens. 

Think about it, when we’re burnt out, stressed, and sleep deprived- how do we show up for our loved ones? Not great, right. 

Whereas when we have boundaries around the hours we work and the way we work, then we have more time, energy, and attention for all of our relationships. 

Why Entrepreneurs Need Strong Boundaries

Stronger Work Relationships

Boundaries can also help to improve your work relationships for the same reasons: you’re a better version of yourself when you’re protecting your energy. 

Think of the boundaries you create as this protective field you have around you and your energy that keeps you feeling full, rather than letting you get drained. 

I personally find that my patience is greater when I’m practicing my boundary work, which makes me a better leader in the workspace. 

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Supports You Mental Health

We can’t talk about boundaries without talking about mental health. I mean, c’mon, implementing boundaries is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. 

Just ask your therapist! And if you don’t have one, then learn the benefits of going to therapy

Creates Better Work-Life Balance

When we implement boundaries, we’re able to create more of a work-life balance. No, I’m not saying it’s perfect by any means. And there will still be sometimes when it’s skewed one way or the other. 

But for the most part, boundaries help us to maintain a stronger and longer sense of balance in both our work and personal lives. 

Improves Wellbeing

By creating boundaries at work, you’re able to reduce your stress levels. And, I swear, stress is literally the root of all evil. It affects everything. And I mean everything

One of the side effects of high stress is increased inflammation. And increased inflammation can cause all sorts of physical health issues, pain, or discomfort. Inflammation can also impact our mood, sleep, and mental health. 

Lowering inflammation is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health, and for most of us, that starts by lowering our stress levels. 

Lowers Stress

In case you didn’t read my last point, let me just really drive it home here: creating boundaries can lower stress. Did I say it loudly enough yet?

No but for real, lowering your stress levels will be the key to unlock your true potential and success. 

And not just as a business owner. But as a human, in general. 

More Time For Self Care

By setting boundaries around your work schedule you’re able to have more time for self care, which is super important when it comes to improving your overall wellbeing. 

Trust me, I know it can feel hard to put the phone away, or close the laptop. It honestly feels like the world will crumble if you’re not holding it up, right?

But the truth is that most of the emails and pings coming through actually can wait for an hour while you get a facial or go for a walk. Or they can wait overnight so that you get a full night’s sleep, and wake up ready to take charge the next day. 

Don’t forget that self care practices don’t have to be the elaborate, Insta-worthy shots of crystals and bubble baths. They can simply be little pockets of peace in your day that help to fill you up.

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Why Entrepreneurs Need Strong Boundaries

Improves Financial Health

If your business becomes more successful, then you can bet that your financial health will also improve.

Not only is your business able to generate more revenue, because you’re able to be a more effective leader- but you’re also able to make more sound financial decisions for your personal life, as well. 

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There you have it, my friends, I think I just might have convinced you to create boundaries as an entrepreneur with that comprehensive list, right?

I mean, who doesn’t want to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and financial health?!

You’ve got this. 



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