Why Women Need To Start Shaving Their Face

Why Women Need To Start Shaving Their Face

Look, I was a little skeptical about face shaving when I first heard about it. To be honest, it just sounded a little….weird. For a woman to shave her face, that is. It also sounded like one more thing to add to my list of beauty routines, and I just didn’t really want to take the time to do something else. I’m tired, ya know?

But then I got pregnant, and I couldn’t get the Clear and Brilliant laser treatment I’d booked a few months in advance. I asked my dermatologist what treatment I could get done, because my skin was in major need of love. Turns out they had a “Baby Bump” facial, and then I decided to do an add on of dermaplaning just for funsies. 

The Baby Bump facial used all natural products, and was super gentle. It included lymphatic drainage, massage, LED light mask, and a clay mask. So nothing too crazy. I went into it super broken out (because, hello pregnancy), and felt immediate relief afterwards. All of my breakouts dried out, which I know was from the exfoliating factor (aka the dermaplaning). 

This post will outline the difference between dermaplaning and face shaving, the best techniques for shaving your face, and 5 reasons why you need to start shaving your face now. 

Why Women Need To Start Shaving Their Face

What’s the difference between dermaplaning and face shaving for women?

Although there are certainly similarities between dermaplaning and face shaving for women, there are differences, too. The biggest one being cost. Dermaplaning can only be done in a professional setting, and will come with a price tag. 

Although it’s not exactly an expensive treatment, it’s still a lot more than buying a face razor, and shaving your face at home. My vote is to shave at home, unless I’m looking for a little extra pampering in my facial. 


Dermaplaning is done with a small scalpel, not a razor. That’s right, a freaking scalpel. Because of this, dermaplaning should only be done in a professional setting like with your aesthetician or your dermatologist. This isn’t something to try at home. Because it’s done with a scalpel, it serves as a deeper exfoliant than plain ‘ole shaving, as it takes off the dead skin sitting on top. 

Face shaving for women

Shaving your face as a woman is one of my new favorite beauty treatments for a reason. Because it works! And the results speak for themselves. This is a super quick and easy beauty regime you can add into your routine a few times a month. Shaving your face is a little different than dermaplaning, because you’re using a razor blade, rather than a scalpel. The most important thing to remember when you’re shaving your face is to only use the razor one time

How to shave your face

How To Shave Your Face 

There is some technique that comes with shaving your face. It’s not something you just want to wing, and hope for the best. Also, remember that these blades are sharp. So be careful! Take it from someone who took off a portion of my inner eyebrow when I wasn’t paying close enough attention. 

Step 1

Make sure you’re in front of a mirror. This isn’t something you’d want to do on the fly in the shower. Wet and clean your face first. I’m addicted to the Sente cleanser, because it’s so gentle, yet effective. 

Step 2

After my face is clean, I add a bit of Sente cleanser again, rather than shaving with only water. I’m also really picky about what goes on my skin, so I’m not a fan of the shaving creams. Make sure you have a fresh blade on your razor, because you don’t want to use the same blade more than once.

Step 3

You can start shaving on any part of your face. Make sure you shave in the direction of the hair growth to avoid potential ingrown hairs, bumps and irritation. This means you’ll be shaving in downward strokes.

Step 4

I find that the smaller, sharper strokes are more effective then one long gliding stroke like I’d do on my leg. I also like to use my other hand to pull my skin tighter in areas that might need it. 

Step 5

Make sure to shave your entire face. Yes, even your forehead (ugh, I hate that Sandoval had to ruin that for us, but here we are), your nose, your upper lip area, chin, and temples. Remember, you can use your other hand to help tighten or move things around (I do this with my nose). 

Step 6

Apply skincare of your choice. I’d definitely recommend a vitamin c serum since your skin is all fresh and ready to soak that goodness in. I love doing a generous coat of Dermal Repair after, and then always end with sunscreen. Duh. 

Why Women Need To Start Shaving Their Face

5 Reasons Why Women Need To Shave Their Face

See, it’s really not that bad! Honestly, all in all, it maybe takes five minutes. And, the thing is, it feels good. You know that super yummy scrubbed clean feeling you have after a deep exfoliant? That’s how face shaving feels. It’s honestly become something I look forward to, and even crave now.

Don’t forget to change your blade after each shave. And don’t worry, you’re not going to be shaving all the time. I usually do it about every two weeks, because that’s when my skin feels like it needs it. However, I also get facials, microdermabrasion, or Clear and Brilliant, so perhaps that’s why I don’t shave regularly. I know some people that shave their face two times a week, whereas I’m good with just twice a month. You do you.


Exfoliating is really freaking important when it comes to skin care. Exfoliating is the act of taking off the dead skin cells from the outer layer of skin. This helps to keep things looking fresh, reduce the appearance of pore size, wrinkles, and fine lines. 

Soft Skin

My face feels like a baby’s bum after I shave. I’m not kidding, it’s so soft. It makes me wonder what the heck was on it before that made it feel rough. Regardless, it feels so soft, clean and brand spankin’ new after a good shave. Delicious. 


Now that you’ve taken off the dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin, and your face is nice and soft- guess what? Your makeup is going to lay like a dream. I don’t wear heavy makeup, but I do use foundation, and let me tell you it looks ten times smoother when I put it on after a shave.

Glowy Skin

If I ever see my esthetician or my dermatologist soon after I shave, they always compliment my skin. No joke. And, I don’t have beautiful skin. I just don’t. But I swear I get this really buzzy glow after I shave that I don’t really get from any other treatments. 

Good For Sensitive Skin

One of the things I love most about face shaving for women is that it’s good for sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin, especially around my chin and mouth, and I’ve never had any sort of negative reaction with face shaving the way I do with stronger exfoliants like lasers or peels. Face shaving and dermaplaning is pregnancy safe, and is still extremely effective even though it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin. 

Face shaving for women

Are you sold on facial shaving yet? I hope so! Trust me, it’s such a safe, inexpensive, and quick way to up your skincare and beauty routine. I have a feeling you’re going to love it as much as I do. 

Happy shaving, my friends. 



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