Yoga Prop Substitutes When You’re Traveling Around Nicaragua

As someone who has traveled up and down Nicaragua (and the world) for years now, I can tell you with certainty that most places won’t have the best (or any) yoga gear. The good news is that if you stay with us, we’ve got you covered with high quality Alo mats, blocks, straps, and meditation cushions. 

But, if you’re anywhere else in Nicaragua, you’ll want to check out these handy substitute items for yoga prop substitutes. 

Yoga Mat

Okay, this one is pretty hard to swap out for a comparable item. If you’re looking to pack light, I’d suggest buying Alo Yoga’s travel mat, or Manuka’s travel mat. They can both fold up easily, and are much lighter than a standard yoga mat. This way, if you are somewhere in Nicargua that actually has yoga mats, you can roll out your travel mat over the top of the hotel’s mat to have a little more cushion, without having to actually share the part you’re sweating all over.

Now, if you pick up yoga when you’re on the road and don’t have access to buying a mat at all, you can of course use a towel. Just be prepared for a much slipper experience!

Yoga Block

These are a PAIN to travel with, and have never been worth lugging around (at least in my experience). So, if you’re in some remote part of Nicaragua, or even in the bustling San Juan Del Sur region, and looking for a block substitute then you have a few great options.

A sturdy water bottle (I’m a Hydroflask junkie, which happens to work well, because it’s quite heavy) works well for under the hand in you’re trying to bring the ground closer to you in something like Low Lunge, Lizard Lunge, Triangle, etc. If you have access to two water bottles (I like to steal my wife’s), then you can use one under each hand to frame the front foot in shapes like Pyramid, Standing Splits, Half Splits, etc. 

If you’re looking for a block substitute for under the back in something like Supported Bridge, Open Hearted Reclined Butterfly, or Supported Legs Up The Wall- then you’ll want to grab a sturdy stack of books (check the book swap in the Rancho) or ask the kitchen for a thick Tupperware. 

I personally like the Tupperware option, and am even okay traveling with it, as it’s light and I can put things inside of it (like toiletries or snacks). In Nicaragua, you can always find a variety of Tupperware at La Colonia supermarkets. 

Yoga Strap

If you don’t already have a sarong, then first things first: get one! Not only are these awesome substitutes for straps when you’re on the go in Nicaragua, but they’re also incredibly versatile and usually only about $5-$10. 

I like sarongs as a strap substitute, because they’re usually lighter and thinner than a standard towel. The bathroom towel in your hotel or hostel works just fine, though. 

If you’re tighter in the chest and shoulders and you need more length on the strap, then perhaps using a long sleeve shirt will be better for you. Honestly, even an extra pair of leggings works great, because they have more stretch than a cotton shirt. 

Of course, the only downfall of these strap options is that you’re not able to bind them the way you’d be able to with a standard yoga strap. For most postures, this is a non-issue, as you simply need something to close the space between your hands, or hand and foot. 

If you’re surfing Nicaragua, then you’ll want to use your strap for these shoulder love stretches: Chest Expansion Fold and Cow Facing Arms. 


This one is pretty easy to guess. Yep, just grab the pillow(s) off your bed to create a little extra cushion for those yummy restorative shapes. 

If you’re somewhere in Nicaragua that has yoga mats, then you can also used a rolled up yoga mat to create a more cylindrical bolster experience. This won’t be quite as fluffy as a pillow, but will still feel really nice under the spine in Supported Fish, or Open Hearted Reclined Butterfly. 

If you’re hiking a ton of volcanoes in Nicaragua, then you’ll also want to use your pillows under your hip in Half Pigeon. Or rest a stack of pillows on top of your thighs in Seated Forward Fold, so that you an rest your upper body onto something soft and supportive. 

Okay, I’ve officially given you TONS of accessible yoga prop options for your adventures around Nicaragua. That means, there’s no need to neglect your practice while you’re here. And, of course, if you’re looking for a heavy dose of yoga during your time in the country, then make sure to visit us for a retreat.

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