You Need To Meditate

I thought about creating this post around meditations for travelers. And then I thought, no, maybe meditation for surf. Then I thought, no, mediation for EVERYONE. 

Because, I don’t care who you are, where you live, what you do, I can promise you that you need to meditate. I’m usually not a big fan of blanket statements, but I do think this is one that is just….true. 

Look, I’m not saying mediation will cure you of your problems, your ailments, or your mental health issues. What I AM saying is that it’s an incredibly powerful tool to keep in your tool box in working through life’s issues. 

One thing thing about meditation that seems to be the most off-putting for people is the name alone. It sounds so serious, doesn’t it. 

Calling meditation typically calls the image to mind of a woman dressed in white, sitting perfectly straight, in full Lotus position, on a pristine meditation cushion- heck, she might even be levitating off the ground! 

Yeah, that’s how a lot of people think of meditation. Like you have to be “spiritual” to do it, or you have to have a certain belief system to do it. When the truth is, meditation is for everyone! And there’s so many ways you can do it. 

Box Breath:

If you’re new to meditation, a great way to start is to sit still with your breath for a dedicated period of time.

I like to teach newbies with box breath, as I find it really grounded and easy to follow. That just means you’ll inhale for the count of 3, hold for a count of 3, exhale for count of 3, hold for count of 3, repeat. You can always increase the count as your lung capacity builds. 


It’s no secret that yoga is a moving meditation. And, as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, surfing is a moving meditation as well. Although they’re quite different activities from one another, the reason they overlap in this area is that you’re really able to tap into a flow state within them. 

Which is something that SO many activities, sports, and creative expressions provide.


Similar to movement, writing can provide a flow state experience. Journaling is another quiet, introspective activity where energy can come THROUGH us, rather than stay stuck inside. Whether you read what you write after, or if your writing even makes sense- simply carve out time to be with yourself in this intentional way. 


This is one of my favorite practices, in part because it’s so dang simple. And in part, because it just works. I like to use the 5 Minute Journal App (they also have a hard copy journal), but you can also just write in the Notes section of your phone, record a voice note, or share it aloud with those around you. 

Regardless of how you do it, the important thing is that you really tune into how it feels, like REALLY FEELS, to be grateful- even for the smallest things. 


Many religious folks I’ve talked to think that meditation goes against their religion, when, in fact, your version of prayer can be meditation! The way you speak to your god can being your meditation time. 

Think about it, how do you pray? Usually in a quiet place, it’s quite personal, it evokes introspection and peace and warmth. Boom, you’re meditating. 

As you prepare to dive into your meditation journey, remember that there’s no right or wrong way to do it. You can do it traditionally on a meditation cushion in full lotus, or you can drop into a flow state while you paint a masterpiece. 

The point is for you carve out time to be with yourself- body, mind and heart- in an intentional and loving way. Happy meditating, friends!

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